How to install a Roof Top Tent - Easy Guide!

Our Mudstuck rooftop tents are easy to install. They take under 1 hour, and you need two people for the lifting. They come with everything needed and all the tools not including the roof racks. This straightforward guide should help you out.Mudstuck roof tent unboxing

Everything for the tent install, tools & bolts, the outer weather cover, ladder and annex shelter (if purchased) is all inside the tent. We have upgraded the tents outside shells to a rugged, sturdy and durable but lightweight aluminum plate finish. The plate comes standard on all our tents now and is practically indestructible!

Slide the bolt nuts through the railing to align with the slots.  

bolting rails to the bottle of roof top tent

Next up you need to push the bolts through the pre-drilled holes for the rails to go on. You drive these through from the interior of the tent, under the sleeping mattress.  The tracks are what bolt to your roof racks. These rails are positioned to fit almost all roof racks and platforms. It is good to note the Rhino-Rack pioneer platform will need slightly larger rail placement. Easily fixed by drilling four new holes (5minutes).

 Bolting rails up

Bolt the rails from the inside

Roof tent with rails bolted

Your roof tent base should now look like this.

Ladder mount

Same as before, push the bolts through the inside of the tents for the ladder mounts.Bolting ladder mountsBolt the ladder mounts. Ladder on top of roof tentThen place the ladder on top of this and bolt the ladder together. Two people make this a faster job!Ladder on top of roof tentIt should now look like this.

When all the hardware is installed, it's best now to put the weather cover on the tent. ANote all our tents have been upgraded with zips for added travel stability and making sure this never blows off!Put roof top tent on roof racksPut your roof tent on your roof rack or rack platform. This part that requires two people. Place it evenly on both side if possible. We recommend rotating your tent to it opens to the drives side of the vehicle. That way when you install your awning it opens on the left-hand side of the road. This allows you to pull over and have a nice picnic. Comes in handy.

Roof top tents rack boltsSlide the mounting bolts through the rails and bolt them up onto the racks

Roof tent finished on top of truck

Finished job!