Manta Exhaust Factory Tour and Test Drive

Manta exhausts are among the world leaders in 4x4 & performance exhausts. They have a deep family history of manufacturing going back over 40 years to 1974. And still to this day the 3rd generation children run Manta. Built-in Perth, WA, which experiences some of the hottest, saltiest and most demanding remote 4x4ing on the planet.


So we couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit their factory on our recent adventure to Perth and meet their team.

Not far from our hotel we got picked up by one of the team Edward and driven to their offices. Along the way, he showed us the many exhaust installers who purchase and install their product. "That workshop installs around 15 kits a week, that workshop 30+, that workshop 25 per week". Surprised at that, we started to get a grip on the size and scale of this operation.

Their retail outlet where you can buy off the shelf kits.

Although his face is covered in hair, this guy was smiling with his purchase.Manta sales member was talking to one of our team.

All of Manta product is made in Australia and has always been from the beginning. Most of Manta's steel is mined from Australia,  and the only way to get a perfectly fitting product and ensure quality control.

Edward spent some time describing how each exhaust system takes over four months to develop. Cad drawings, sampling, fitting and many dyno tunes later to make sure Manta produces the maximin torque increase and the desired sound. They are committed to not releasing a product until it meets their requirements.

After the factory tour, Edward decided it would be a good sport to take us for a hoon in his new Ford Mustang GT. One of our dream cars and we happen to love this shape! Edward brought it to use as a mockup for a new exhaust they are developing for it. So this car has the very first Mustang Manta exhaust in it. And I can tell you this thing sounded like a beast! It will be released sometime in 2018

Driving around the town getting a history lesson was fun and exciting with a few quarter miles to race down. About then he stopped outside his cousin's house and told me to jump into that holden. Unsuspecting as it looks, once I started this up this was anything but! This supercharged, heavily modified ute is a demon on wheels. It was one of the fastest & loosest vehicles I've driven.  We took them both to the country and raced around for the next hour or so. With significantly more power than the Mustang, you would assume it would annihilate it on the straights. But with the lack of weight on the rear and tiny tires, this car had trouble getting traction and keeping the wheels on the road. At one point I was spinning in 4th gear.

Heavily modified with a custom one-off twin Manta exhaust system.

 Big thanks to the team at Manta for looking after us. We can see many years ahead of us