Alu-Cab Gen3 Expedition Roof Top Tent

Alu-Cab in early 2018 finally made their way to New Zealand. A long-expected journey and one we have been looking forward to for far too long. We are the first company in the country to get our hands on their incredible products, so the first thing we did was set up the Landcruiser 76 with their GEN3 camper tent and head off to the far north.

Landcruiser 76 with Alucab roof top tentAlucab camper erected

If you don’t know anything about Alu-Cab yet, here's a little backstory. They are a South African expedition company which manufacture all their products on site. Specialising in 4wd canopies, professional awnings, rooftop tents & full roof conversions, to name a few. If you’ve ever heard of the famous blogger and expedition expert Andrew Pierre, he raves about them and is on his 2nd Landcruiser Troopy roof conversion. Check out his site here: Alu-Cab is considered the premier expedition company and produce some of the most sought-after overland gear on the market.

Landcruiser 76 and Alu-Cab front onLandcruiser 76 and Alu-Cab camper facing beachLandcruiser 76 on beach with friends and Alu-Cab

So onto the Generation 3 Expedition tent (Gen3).

This tent is aerodynamic and lighter than any of the previous models - 100mm wider at the shoulders. The internal roof and base are completely insulated with polyethylene closed-cell foam which gives superior insulation in the colder nights as the majority of heat loss occurs through the floor and ceiling. Whereas in the warmer nights the top down zips allow ample airflow with a completely sealed mosquito net.  The tent exterior is made from Aluminium, so there is nothing to rust in it. Plus the roof has roof rack attachment so you can put almost anything on top of this including surfboards and tires, even while the tent is in upright sleeping position. Up to a max of 50kgs when fully open. 

Best of all this tent opens and closes in seconds! Good for those rainy days.

Alucab erected rearAlucab roof top tent looking outAlucab roof top tent looking outAlucab roof top tent internal storageAmple storage for all those much needed accessories. This is the new Ray Dalio book Principles. Worth a read!Stocked on lifeAlucab tent packdownPacks down in seconds with all bedding and storage neatly tucked away insideAlucab closing tent

We took this tent away over Easter weekend to the Far North of New Zealand in the new Mudstuck Landcruiser 76 and wow did this roof top tent impress! It's solid, sturdy, warm at nights and cool during the days. One of the biggest things that made this tent awesome was the quick and easy setup/pack down. One day it was raining, and all the setup took was a few latches, a light push and clipping in the ladder. All done in about 15 seconds. All the bedding neatly packed up inside with a book to read and LED electrics. We plan on doing a lot more travel with this tent and in the future putting the boards on the roof. 

A few technical details:
The fabric is 400-gram UV-resistant rib-lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams
Length External 2300 mm / internal 2100 mm
Width External 1400 mm / internal 1300 mm at shoulders
Height Open Exterior  2000mm / Interior - 1 600 mm
The mattress is a 75 mm high-density foam mattress with zip-off cover
Mesh fitting is onto the doors/windows with high-quality mosquito netting
Insulation is polyethylene closed-cell foam
Weight 76kg
Electrics stalk lights, USB charge point, cigarette point & power lead
Internal storage bags for smalls like books & shoes
Optional roof racks