Alu-Cab Shadow Awning & Drawers

It's no secret we've made a fuss about the Alu-Cab GEN3 Expedition Tent. And now we've paired it with the Alu-Cab Shadow awning and the Alu-Cab Drawers set.

Alu-Cab Shawow awning & Gen 3 roof top tent

The self-supported 10m2 Shadow Awning is in a league of its own. The only quality 270deg awning (to our knowledge) that requires no supporting polls or tie down ropes! Though if it is super windy.. and we mean super windy - it has integrated drop down poll and ropes. So you never need to worry about carrying them in your truck. The single drop down poll was designed for Capetown and their strongest winds. As Alu-Cab implies that your truck with blow away before this awning! 
Alu-Cab Shawdow awning rear show & GEN3 Roof top tent expeditionAlu-Cab Shadow AwningWe use to sell the rhino rack foxwing awning although the setup was annoying and time-consuming. Having the polls and ropes all inside the truck, accessibility was difficult and inconvenient (3 polls & 5 straps). If we were trying to set up the rhino rack foxwing in the sand trying to tie the awning down was near impossible! Alu-Cab solves all these issues, with literally a one person 1-minute setup with the awning being totally self-supported.
 Made to make your camping experience as effortless and comfortable as possible.
Alucab LC76 Shadow awning frontalucab shadow awning long shot
The canvas is an aluminised acrylic coating product which is 100% waterproof and made in Germany. They call this product Tencate. It reflects sunrays!alucab drawer set 2alucab drawer set 1
The Alu-Cab Drawers System, on the other hand, is solid and rugged. A must have to store those tools, recovery gear and expedition equipment in.
Alucab shawdow awning and gen3 expedition tent LC76

 Alu-Cab GEN3 Expedition Tent, Alu-Cab Shadow Awning & Alu-Cab Drawer System all available for purchase through Mudstuck

Alu-Cab's designer and company owner Shadow Awning video below