Mudstuck Roof Tent Shelters South Island


With our move into expedition builds we spent months designing and perfecting the ultimate roof tents for the rugged terrain of New Zealand. Our goal was making tents that would thrive in our harsh conditions and hold up to even the most intense storms. So what better way to equip our friends G-Wagon and head down to the South Island to test this out in the heart of a New Zealand winter? We got this tent out in rain, snow and sunshine all the while having a great time and enjoying the views.


The tent we choose for this trip is our family sized tent with the raindrop protector. Easily big enough for two adults and two children this took up almost the whole roof area of the G-Wagon. We equipped this with only two Rhino Rack roof racks to see if this was enough support, and it was. Although if the family was all going up here we recommend three at the least and four racks if you really want to be on the safe side.

The setup of this tent takes only a few minutes and a similar fold away time and has a few tie downs for the rain drops on the windy nights. We reinforced all the joiners with rust free aluminum connections for getting out on the beach and not having to worry about salt spray.

With an extra thick 3" inch foam mattress we found this comfortable for a lasting trip. Zipping up the insides makes it impressively warm during those chilling nights and breezy in the summer.

One of the many perks of this kind of camping is waking up to the beautiful pristine views. Spending the mornings reading and planning the legs ahead made a relaxing undisturbed journey.

Remote lakeside camping away from the crowds is the ultimate getaway. 1000s of little pocks like this around NZ where only a 4x4 can access.

Sleeping snug at night.

Packed up in minutes. On to the next adventure!


 Our tents are already almost all sold out. Our next line arrives around October


To learn more about Sean Craig and his adventures in his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon head over to his instagram page