Landcruiser 100 Series build project

- The LC100 build product -

We are often asked about how we modify our Mudstuck vehicles. And like any project theres so many different ways of doing it. There are no right or wrong ways and often it comes down to personal preference. This build was no different. The plan was to take a stock LC100 and do something reliable & sturdy that will be the ultimate version of a comfortable overland expedition truck. We've tried to add as much information as possible so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Photos from the vehicle ad

 We found a pretty nice looking Landcruiser 100. This truck is an automatic, 1HD-FTE Turbo Diesel 4.2L, 7 Seats with leather interior.  We were trying to avoid anything white/off-white/blue/red or black. Light or dark grey were the goals. The body needing a lot of panel work to fix out the large dents & scratches with the gearbox needing a recon but otherwise checked out. It also came with some nice looking wheels that will be shortly replaced. 

Installing the tints

Tints, Number plate and fitting the Rhino Rack roof mounts

The first thing we did was tints all around. Next was trial fitting the Rhino Rack standard rail fittings, which went in without any issues and the Raw4x4 number plate. Mudstuck are resellers of Raw4x4 and they are sponsoring this vehicle, so it's only fitting to put their number plates on it. Which we opted for their 2" suspension lift kit with Nitro Max shocks (to come).

Stripping the truck and getting prepped

Next up was the paint job. We opted for a Kevlar fibre bedliner spray with the standard colour. This is a great option for having a paint job that is never going to scratch, is difficult to dent and will basically smash down anything in its path. We went for a 2.5-3mm spray over the whole truck (bar bumpers). Stripping the side panels the end product is basically a hard, durable, heavy sand paper type product. We went down a bit of a hard road with the supplier of this so give us an email for recommendations if your thinking of doing it yourself.
The end result we were pretty happy with! Cant say we've seen another one in the country as we got the idea from SEMA in 2016. Hopefully we will see more of this kind of thing to come.

First look after paint

Then we choose the Rhino Rack Pioneer platform roof tray in 2128mm x 1236mm for a perfect fit with the handy front side rails. This thing is pretty fidgety getting it all together but the finished product is a tight fitting rack with a ton of bolt on accessories. We've been selling Rhino Rack since 2014 and feel its one of the best roof rack brands around. So this was a no brainer for us. We didn't want anything inferior going up there as we plan a lot of roof weight. No ideal but extremely practical and with only a 2" Raw4x4 lift we are expecting minimal body roll added for this kind of thing.

Rhino Rack tray with a temp install of the 35" wheel we are doing a test fit on

Paint job up close. 2.5-3mm thick coat ending up like rough sand paper feel 

Installing the Escape Gear seat covers

Now on to the interior. Often an overlooked part with builds; we decided car covers by Escape Gear. Made in South Africa these are vehicle specific heavy-duty canvas fitted covers. These covers are amazing and fit perfectly. 100% waterproof, tear proof and come with extra pockets and storage. This product will be in the country later this year and Mudstuck will be a reseller. They sent us this sample for fitting and we couldn't be more impressed with the product. No more worrying about mud, dirt, tearing and you can just throw the tools, dogs or anything at it and just take it off for a machine wash.

One happy man with a job well done


Raw4x4 Suspension Upgrade

Now being time for the suspension upgrade we chose the Niro Max 0-50mm raise, 41mm Bore Nitrogen Cell technology
The coils were the 40mm raise with a progressive rate of 0-100kg rating
The Torsion bars were 1210mm and can raise the front by 76mm
The adjustable Panhard Rod was the Raw standard replacement needed to get the rear wheels back in place
Installation was a breeze and easily done in an afternoon. The only issue we came across was removing the standard torsion bars which we cut in half to remove.

Straight out for a test drive. The new suspension produced the much needed extra flex! A smooth ride & a huge reduction in body roll
Finishing the day with the sunset