Soft Shackle 16mm Rated at 32 Ton

4WD ROP0032

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Mudstuck Soft Shackle 16mm


Incredible strength, durability, and function! This innovative Mudstuck Soft Shackle offers a safe and powerfully strong alternative to the heavy steel design. So lightweight it floats. With a massive breaking strength of 32000 lbs, she won't let you down!

Ideal for joining links, recovery and much more. The soft shackle design has safety in mind, protecting you from the risks associated with steel shackles including torn or snapping rope, weak splicing or a weak recovery point creating a dangerous metal torpedo.

This shackle complies with the 4x4 event rules where you cannot have loose steel shackles inside the vehicle. There's nothing unsafe about having a 100g piece of rope flying at your window!



* 100% secure
* 16mm Dyneema with splice double up
* Diameter of the circle is approx 200mm
* Breaking strength is 32.9ton (32900kg)
* Lightweight and safe
* Durable sheath
* Floats in water
* Handmade


3 Year Warranty