Mudstuck Winch 12V 9500lbs SHORT DRUM

4WD MUD0008

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The Mudstuck 9.5k 12volt Shot Drum winch was developed & designed to provide a powerful quick winch with a short drum based on our 9.5k large model here NZ. Built with only premium parts & wired with a remote control it is the perfect winch if you need some serious pulling power. This model comes with 10mm Mudstuck Dyneema rated to breaking strength of 10,798kg or23807 lbs. This is a Genuine Mudstuck product and was developed in house, throughly tested and protected by our own trade secrets.

* Free spooling clutch (Sliding Ring Gear)
* Tried and Tested right here in New Zealand
* IP67 Rating against dust and liquids - information about IP listed here -

Technical Specifications:
* Rated motor power 5.5hp/4.1kw
* Remote switch with 3.7m lead
* Gear train - 3 Stage Planetary
* Gear reduction ratio - 265.2:1
* Braking Action - Automatic In-The-Drum
* Drum size - Diameter 63.5mm Length 133mm
* Battery Leads - 2 gauge 1.83m
* Overall Measurements 450 x 160 x 218mm
* Mounting Bolt Pattern 254 x 114.3mm
* Rope strength Max at breaking 10,798kg
* Winch Weight 21.2KG

Included in this winch:
Stainless steel fair head, remote control wired, (Does not come with Wireless remote)
Line Pulling Speeds
0lbs - 7.8 meters per minute - 80 amps
2000lbs - 4.4 meters per minute - 180 amps
4000lbs - 3.25 meters per minute - 240 amps
6000lbs - 2.6 meters per minute - 280 amps
8000lbs - 2.15 meters per minute - 330 amps
9500lbs - 1.95 meters per minute - 380 amps

5 Year Warranty. For internal defects non-transferrable