Manta Pro 3" Full Exhaust System Nissan Safari GU GQ Y60 Y61 TD42

4WD MNP0013

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Nissan Safari / Patrol GU GQ 1988-2013+ Manta Pro Performance Turbo Back Exhaust Systems

• Vehicle Fitment: Nissan Safari GQ GU Y60 Y61 4.2L, 1988-2013+, Turbo Models
• Full exhaust system from the turbo back
• Material: Stainless Steel
• Exhaust Size: 3" ( 76mm )
• Muffler Type: Pipe Only
• Exit Type: Standard
• Sound: Loud
• Manta Pro Australia Part Number: SSMKNI0054
• Mudstuck Part Number: 4WD MNP0013
• Various options/variations available for this vehicle, enquire for further details. (Full Aluminised Steel option available also)

The most common upgrade for any 4.2L Safari owner, is the fitment of a 3″ Manta exhaust system. The 4.2L turbo diesel 6 cylinder motor in the GQ GU Safari.

Despite the addition of the turbo charger, the standard power and torque of 114kw and 360nm was not ground-breaking in any sense, so many 4.2L Patrol / Safari owners have puzzled over how to get more power from their motor.

The easiest and most effective way is to upgrade the exhaust system to a 3″ version, which offers vastly increased flow when compared to the standard version. This has a number of benefits, including increased power and torque, less turbo lag, and far more responsiveness low-down in the rev range. Fuel economy generally improves as well, as the engine is able to operate cooler, and more efficiently.

A number of configurations are available to give you the noise level you desire – whether you want it quiet or wild, we can do it! The exhaust is a stand-alone modification that can be fitted to a completely stock vehicle.

Give your 4.2L Safari the new lease of life it deserves by fitting a Manta exhaust!