Manta Pro 3" DPF Back Exhaust System Toyota Prado GDJ150R 2015+

4WD MNP0036

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Toyota Landcruiser Prado GDJ150R 2015+ Manta Pro Performance DPF Back Exhaust Systems

• Vehicle Fitment: Land Cruiser 2.8L Diesel 4cyl GDJ150R, with DPF, Nov 2015 - on
• DPF Back Exhaust System - This kit fits onto the factory DPF exhaust system and is 2/3rds of the rest of the exhaust system
• Material: Aluminised Steel
• Exhaust Size: 3" ( 76mm )
• Muffler Type: Pipe Only
• Exit Type: Standard
• Sound: Quiet
• Manta Pro Australia Part Number: MKTY0155
• Mudstuck Part Number: 4WD MNP0036
• Various options/variations available for this vehicle, enquire for further details. (Full Stainless Steel option available also)

Our 3” exhaust system for the Prado replaces the factory exhaust system, right up to the DPF (DPF-back systems), or right up to the turbo (turbo back systems). It gives some good gains, particularly bringing the turbo boost in much earlier, adding responsiveness down low in the rev range. In the interests of keeping in-cab noise as low as possible, we incorporated two straight-through mufflers into the exhaust system.

This keeps the exhaust noise level close to the factory levels, with no annoying drone inside the cab. The mandrel bends and straight through mufflers on our Prado exhaust system, ensure the highest possible flow, and along with that comes maximum performance and fuel economy.