Manta Pro 2.5" Full Exhaust System Toyota Hilux LN167 1997-2002

Manta Pro 2.5" Full Exhaust System Toyota Hilux LN167 1997-2002


Toyota Hilux 1999-2002 LN167 Manta Pro Performance Exhaust Systems

• Vehicle Fitment: 3.0L (5L motor), 2.8L (3L motor) Diesel 2WD & 4WD 1997 - 2002 Models
• Exhaust system with Cat and Extractors
• Material: Aluminised Steel
• Exhaust Size: 2.5" ( 63mm )
• Muffler Type: Centre
• Exit Type: Standard
• Sound: Quiet
• Manta Pro Australia Part Number: MKTY0061
• Mudstuck Part Number: 4WD MNP0016
• Various options/variations available for this vehicle, enquire for further details. (Full Stainless Steel option available also)

The naturally aspirated diesel Hilux models, powered by the ever-reliable 5L motor, have developed a reputation as a vehicle that will never die, yet is lacking somewhat in the power department.

Some owners choose to turbo their vehicles, but there is always a risk this will be detrimental to the life of the engine if not done correctly.

Luckily, Manta has developed a full exhaust system, with a high-flow muffler for the Hilux. The mandrel bent 2.5″ pipe in the Manta system offers much better flow over against the standard system, allowing the engine to breathe a lot better. This results in much freer revving, lower operating temperatures, improved power and torque, and best of all – reduced fuel consumption. The nice exhaust note coming from the glass packed muffler is another bonus – although we were careful to ensure there is no in-cab drone.

Mounting to all the existing factory exhaust mounts, and coming in aluminised steel with a 2 year warranty, the full Manta exhaust kit will add value to your Hilux, while enhancing driveability and reducing fuel consumption.