Snatch Block 4T

4WD SNA0001

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Mudstuck 4 Ton Snatch Pulley Block

If you have a winch and are serious about your offroad expeditions then the Mudstuck 4 ton Snatch Block is a must have for your tool kit. The Mudstuck Snatch Block is used in 4WD recovery when you find yourself bogged in mud or sand. Simply connect the Snatch Block to a tree with a recovery chain, then from your winch put the rope through the Snatch Block pulley and loop back to your truck and start winching. This halfs the load on your winch giving it twice as much strength plus a smoother and more controlled recovery while extracting your bogged 4x4.

* Specially designed for off-road vehicle recovery. 
* Suitable for use with hand or powered winches. 
* Plain bearings, maximum pulling load rated at 4 tonne 
* 38mm hole 
* Suits 8mm Rope approx.