Jetboil Coffee Press Grande *MUDSTUCK*

4WD JET008

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Jetboil Coffee Press Grande *MUDSTUCK*

Brew the best cup of backcountry coffee or flip it over to steam your favorite fish and vegetables! The stem and basket detach to easily stow in your cup. Available in two sizes: regular and grande.

* Colour: Black
* Weight: 1.05 oz / 30 g
* Dimensions: 4.6 in x 7.2 in (118 mm x 150 mm)
* Compatible With: MiniMo, Sumo

Compatible with MiniMo, Sumo, Sumo TI. Also compatible with the 1-Liter Short and 1.8-Liter Spare Cups​
Stem detaches from the basket and easily stow in your cup
Two stem pieces included. One piece is used for the stem of the MiniMo and both pieces screwed together are used for the Sumo.
Grande Coffee Press assembly options: 4.6” (117 mm) dia. x 4.6” (117 mm) for MiniMo 4.6” (117 mm) dia. x 7.2” (183 mm) for Sumo