Tyre Deflator 4WD

4WD ACC0016

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Increase traction by lowering tyre pressure with the 4WD Tyre Deflator. When you put your 4WD to use in sand and mud deflate your tyre pressure by around 2/3 to increase the surface area of the tyre. Straightforward application, set up the chosen pressure and simply screw these on all four tyre valves. In just a few minutes you will have the exact pressure you need to set off on your off-roading adventure. Settings remain saved for your next application. Tried and tested, made of steel so will not rust. Capable to be set below 10 psi!

Using Mudstuck Tyre Deflators to decrease your tyre pressure will:

*Increase traction on soft surfaces
*Greatly reduce resistance to obstacles
*Improve fuel economy in off-road situations
*Provide a softer, smoother ride
*Lead to a better all-around performance from your vehicle
*Result in less wear and tear on drivetrain components
*Save you the time and effort required for manual deflation

This product is matched with Mudstuck air compressors & pressure gauges.