Snorkel 4x4 Toyota Prado 90 Series 3.0L

4WD SNK0036

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Toyota Landcruiser Prado snorkel series 90 DIESEL


*Fits 1997-2002
1KZ-TE 3.0Litre-I4 DIESEL

*Fitment Side: Left Hand Side
*INCLUDES VIA EMAIL "GUIDE REFERENCE INSTRUCTIONS" - Only used as a guide sample as we do not have individual fitting instructions.
*Quality plastic
*Comes with all piping and plastic fitting
Brand new!
*Off Roader 4x4 Snorkels comes with :
*Ram type intake head
*All mounting studs
*Nyloc vibration proof nuts
*All brackets, screws etc..
*Fitting template
*Intake jointing pipe
*Stainless steel clamps

Protecting your engine from dust and water ingression is essential when driving off road. A snorkel from Off Roader 4x4 will ensure that clean, dry air is always reaching your engine, regardless of conditions. A snorkel relocates your engine's air intake point from a relatively low and vulnerable position under the bonnet or inside a fender to a much higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean air is available. Ideally suited to off road use where water crossings would otherwise put your engine at risk. Snorkels are ideal for convoy driving where severe dust can have a detrimental effect on your engines life and performance.

Please note: This product has been designed to perfectly fit to the vehicle body and be installed by approved installers. We have not put much consideration into the template, but rather focused on product quality and build. If you are not 100% confident installing this product without the use of a template, please leave it to the professionals. And by professionals we do not mean a friendly mechanic‰Űˇˇ_"