Snorkel 4x4 Isuzu Mu

4WD SNK0054

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Isuzu Mu & Wizard 1989-1998 Mudstuck Snorkel

Protect your engine from dust and water. A snorkel from Mudstuck will ensure that clean, dry air is always reaching your engine, regardless of conditions. 100% air-tight seal is guaranteed (test by blocking the top). A snorkel will divert your engine's air intake point from a low and vulnerable position under the bonnet to a high and safe spot where a constant source of cool, clean air is available. Made for 4WD use where water crossings would otherwise put your engine at risk. Snorkels are also ideal for any situation on dusty roads and dust can have a severely detrimental effect on your engines life and performance.

This snorkel was developed, moulded & casted by Mudstuck.

* Fits 1989-1998 (Generation 1)
* 2.8L 4JB1-T & 3.1L 4JG2 DIESEL
* Will fit MU and Wizard
* Quality Snorkel featuring UV 20 protection
* Left Hand guard fitment
* Snug fit & built to withstand
* Lifetime warrant

Included with this snorkel is the following:
* Ram type intake head
* All mounting studs
* Nyloc vibration proof nuts
* All brackets & screws
* Fitting template
* Intake jointing pipe
* Stainless steel clamps

We also have a waterproof carbon fibre air in take filter box with 3" Flexi pipe perfectly suited and designed for our Snorkels. Comes enclosed in only a 700mm filter inclosure. It is made to fit all those tight engine spaces without reducing performance. Search our listings for "Snorkel intake"

Template is for reference only. To be taken as a rough guide