Raw4x4 Nissan Safari GQ/GU Castor Bush Kit

Raw4x4 Nissan Safari GQ/GU Castor Bush Kit


Raw 4x4 Nissan Safari GQ/GU Castor Bush Kit


Perfect for offroad use, the Raw 4x4 Castor Bushes are made from high-quality Polyurethane.  The unique blend of polymers gives the bushes far superior durability which exceeds its rubber equivalents.  This blend of material gives the bushes a greater level of wear resistance to extreme temperatures, salt water and petrochemicals.


The Raw 4x4 Polyurethane Castor Bushes are designed to withstand the most extreme and adverse conditions.  With their high level of memory, the bushes will return to their original design parameters when twisted and compressed.  The offset centre hole is designed to increase or decrease the castor setting which aids in steering and alignment.


 We are able to provide you with a wide range of off road shocks, coils or leaf springs (if required) and accessories. If we do not have your vehicle listed or you require different spring, shock options to what we have listed feel free to inquire. We stock a wide range of Raw products.



* Part Number: SPF1721K

* Listing is for x1 Kit of Castor Bushes

* Offset centre hole for castor setting

* Higher level of wear resistance

* Blend of Unique Polymers

* High Level of Memory




Nissan Safari Y60 , Y61 , GU , GQ , Nissan Patrol