Raw4x4 Nissan Patrol G60 Steering Damper

Raw4x4 Nissan Patrol G60 Steering Damper


Raw 4x4 Nissan Patrol G60 Steering Damper


The Raw Big Bore Steering Damper provides a significant upgrade to you factory vehicles stock damper and is an important upgrade when considering a 4x4 lift kit.


The Raw Big Bore Steering Damper helps to stabilize and minimize bump steer by reducing kickback through the steering wheel when travelling on rough or offroad terrain.  Running an upgraded steering damper will also aid in reducing and control lateral shock produced by the tyres and assist in protecting the steering components, especially tie rod ends.


We are able to provide you with a wide range of off road shocks, coils or leaf springs (if required) and accessories. If we do not have your vehicle listed or you require different spring, shock options to what we have listed feel free to inquire. We stock a wide range of Raw products.




* Steel dust shroud to protect chrome rod from stone damage

* Reinforced end mounts for secure fitment to vehicle

* Bulged body design for increased oil capacity

* Nitrogen gas cell to centralise oil

* Large 35 mm bore size




* Big Bore 35mm Gas Cell Technology

* Listing is for x1 Steering Dampener

* Part Number: SS230




Nissan Patrol G60 1961-1979