Prolinkage Winch Shackle

4WD WIN0002

Regular price $39.95

This shackle is to replace the conventional winch hook. Winch hooks are insecure and unreliable. Great for winch challengers but not for general safe use (we sell the hooks as well for those wanting them). This shackle is made to attach a D-shackle to safely and securely. Then to the D-shackle to your rope or recover equipment. This model has a fail load of 39,000 ultimate fail load! Weighing only 21 ounces. Will fit all shackles with a pin hole of .92mm at 3/4 inches. This is compatible with both Hawse and Roller fairleads and snugs neatly against both versions.

In the box :
Mudstuck Shackle
Titanium Pin
Rubber Guard

* Made from lightweight 6061 aluminium
* Screw pin shackles are up to 5X stronger than conventional winch hooks
* No recover strap slips
* Load rating 16,000 pounds Max rating 39,000 pounds
* Fits all steel cables and synthetic ropes up to 3/8″
* Fits eyes equipped with standard or tube thimbles to 3/8 inch diameters
* Eliminates shackle rattle
* 5/8 inch diameter 6Al-4V titanium double shear pin
* Rubber guard included
* Easy install and removal in minutes
* Cinches neatly against all types of fairleads