Dyneema Rope - Boat Rope 6m x 4mm with Red Hook


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Dyneema Rope - Boat Rope 6 meters x 4mm with Red Hook


Winch your boat onto your trailer with the powerfully strong Dyneema Boat Rope. Offering a huge breaking strength for the diameter of the rope it will stand to last the test of time. A premium replacement to the old steel wire and brittle synthetic ropes. Tow your boat in with safety and ease!

Here's why dyneema is unlike any other rope on the market:

It is EXTREMELY strong, light and it floats. 15 times stronger than steel, 8 times lighter than steel wire rope and water resistant! Due it's hydrophobic nature dyneema remains light and floats as it unable to absorb any water. Able to withstand most environments including wet, salty, dry, UV and chemical exposure without breaking down over time.

It is simply one of the strongest and most versatile fibers in the world.



• High strength/weight ratio, 15 times stronger than steel
• Low elongation rope with excellent resistance to tension
• Materials imported from DSM in Netherlands being SK75 dyneema
• Maximum strength with minimum weight
• Far superior to the standard steel winch "rope"
• Breaking strength: 2200kg


Comes with:

• x6 meters of 4mm dyneema rope
• x1 Attached black eye loop
• x1 Red Hook to hook onto the front of boats