Air Compressor 150PSI 160L/MIN

4WD AIR0006

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Air Compressor 150PSI 160L/min Single Cylinder

The Mudstuck 150 Compressor is a powerful and easy to use machine. Inflating your tyres quickly and effectively. With accurate output and built-in reliability, it is a necessary product for all 4WD truck enthusiasts. Offering multiple applications for other inflation devices.



* Single cylinder 150psi max pressure
* Airflow operating pressure 160L/min
* Max OpTemp - 60 deg
* Min OpTemp - 55 deg
* Max working pressure 120psi
* Max restart pressure 150psi
* Max amperage: 45A
* Max voltage: 13.8V


Comes with:

* 2.5M cord and battery clips
* Relay & heating protector
* DC 12V power supply
* Inline pressure gauge
* 8metres of air hose
* Build-in deflator
* Carry bag


3 Year Warranty