Road Shower 4S (15 Litres)

4WD RDS0002

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Road Shower 4S


The Road Shower 4S gives you the convenience and luxury of a pressurised shower regardless of where your adventures take you.  

Whether you're traversing mountains deep in the rugged South Island or simply escaping to the beach for a weekend getaway, the Road Shower 4S brings the comfort of mobile plumbing to your offroader.  After a hard day of exploring and activities, the Road Shower 4S gives you instant and easy access to hot or cold pressurised water without the hassle of propane, pumps or long set up times.

Design & Setup:


The Road Shower 4S isn’t like other low pressured portable showers; the Road Shower 4S can be pressurised to a staggering 65psi!  This means you can fill and pressurise it once then drain the entire tank, no need for awkward hand pumps or weak water flow.  The chamber holds over 15 litres of water which gives you up to 6 minutes of continuous pressurised water flow.  The unit can be filled and pressurised via a garden hose and the chambers bleed valve, or if a hose is not available, fill the unit with a jug then pressurise the chamber with a compressor or bike pump.  Mountable via the bottom rack slot or side rack slot ensures that you can customise the units fitment to your vehicle in a manner that suits your needs.  Elbow mounting points are located on both ends of the Road Shower 4S so you can have two separate shower fittings for different uses.  A locking mounting point allows you to attach a locking cable ensuring the security of your Road Shower while you’re away from your vehicle.  The Road Shower 4S unique design utilises solar energy to heat the water while you’re on the go, ensuring fresh hot water is ready when you need it.  The Road Shower 4S is more than just a shower.  With the 15 litre tank, you can use the unit to transport additional drinking water, wash camp dishes, clean bikes, kayaks even the pets!



* Adjustable bullet style spray nozzle creates a powerful stream or a gentle spray

* Can be pressurised with a bike pump, tire inflator, or a 12-volt compressor

* Made tough from powder coated flat black high-quality aluminium

* Patented T-Slot Makes A Reliable Rack Mounting System

* Easy install, simple to attach to most rack systems

* Solar heated: Water can heat up to 45 degrees C

* Pressure relief valve is built in the cap for safety

* 6 years of research and development

* Clear Non-toxic Food Grade Hose

* Pressure chamber - up to 65 PSI

* High-Pressure Jet

* LCD thermometer

* 15 Litre capacity

* Sleek Design



* MacGregor 26 sailboat

* Vehicle factory racks

* Sportsmobile Vans

* Westfalia Vans

* Luggage Rack

* VW Vanagons

* Kayak rack

* Thule Rack

* Bike rack

* Campers

* A cabin

* Yakima