Escape Gear Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2005- 02/2016 Front Seat Covers

4WD ESC0008

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Escape Gear Toyota Hilux Single Cab 2005 - 02/2016 - Front Seat Covers


There’s no better feeling than spending a weekend getting your truck covered in mud.  Unfortunately, this sometimes comes at the expense of your vehicles upholstery and interior.


Protect your vehicle's interior from the elements while maintaining the look and feel of high-quality upholstery with Escape’s 100% cotton canvas Seat Covers.


Escape Seat Covers are water, dust and oil repellent while remaining comfortable and breathable. Made from heavy duty/hard wearing 100% luxurious cotton canvas that is resistant to static buildup. Designed to fit snugly around your existing upholstery Escape Seat Covers won't bunch or crease when you climb in out of your vehicle.  UV resistant with map and glove pockets located in the back of the seats plus a storage duffel for when you're not using the covers.




* Regularly tested for colour, light, and weathering fastness and burst strength

* Seams are overlocked for maximum durability and fray prevention

* All cover sets include Escape Gear Signature storage duffel

* Crafted of 510 gram weighted 100% cotton canvas

* Water, oil, and dust repellent coating on material

* Tear-proof and highly abrasion resistant

* Brass snaps will not bleed or discolour

* Piping on edges to extend product life

* Incorporated map and glove pocket

* Brass "Escape Gear" snaps

* UV resistant




Toyota Hilux Single Cab ( 2005 - 02/2016 )

Colour - Grey



2 Front seat covers, headrest covers, map and glove pockets plus storage duffel