Alu‑Cab is number one in premium 4x4 overlanding accessories and heavy duty canopies. Made in south Africa and tested in some of the world's harshest conditions. Alu‑cab is the ultimate in overland products.

Alu-Cab are passionate about delivering high quality, innovative vehicle accessories and conversions. With many years of experience behind them they have become the leading manufacturer of aluminium canopies and campers for both commercial and recreational use.

The Alu-Cab business came into existence building aluminium canopies for bakkies (utes), hence our name, Alu-Cab. From the very beginning Alu-Cab focused on great products for overlanding (vehicular wilderness travel). This type of adventure demands gear that’s light, strong, durable and functional. People rely on Alu-Cab equipment to perform in remote regions and in often very harsh conditions.

True to their name, Alu-Cab build most of their products from aluminium. It’s a wonderful metal. It’s strong but very light, lasts a long time and doesn’t corrode. In many cases Alu-Cab products outlast the vehicle they are building them for.

The ultimate in 4X4 overlanding gear!