Raw4x4 Suspension install & test

The legendary Landcruiser 100 Series is an awesome 4x4, which is why we chose it for the Mudstuck project vehicle. Coming in with the much needed upgrades from the famous LC80 like bigger brakes, airbag safety, ABS, styling & more. But lacking somewhat in suspension performance.

The standard suspension had too much body roll. At speed any bumps produced extensive body travel with a slow recovery and it had a distinct lack of flex.

So it was about time for an upgrade which is the obvious next step for the cruiser. Being a legal modification this doesn't require a cert. From standard, the front of this truck was slightly higher than the rear. Not ideal as it can take some weight off the front tires and affect brake performance and more. So we choose the Raw4x4 40mm Suspension lift with 0-100kg springs in the rear. This kit comes with two heavy duty front Torsion Bars which adjusts the front height.



Stock suspension
After Raw4x4 40mm Lift
Up on the hoist to see what we are dealing with
Anarchy Automotive is our preferred installers for quick & reliable work. We got this truck on the hoist and were straight into it.
Standard Spring removal 
Getting all the parts out of this truck was a breeze and within no time we had all the standard gear cleared
Raw4x4 suspension vs Stock suspension
The old suspension was looking worse for wear with some slight rust appearing
Lying them out side by side
The Raw4x4 Shocks chosen for this were the Niro Max 0-50mm raise, 41mm Bore Nitrogen Cell technology
The coils were the 40mm raise with a progressive rate of 0-100kg rating
The Torsion bars were 1210mm and can raise the front by 76mm
The adjustable Panhard Rod was the Raw standard replacement needed to get the rear wheels back in place
Getting the verniers out to find the Raw4x4 shocks were 17mm thicker!
After lying these out side by side we saw how much thicker the Raw4x4 shocks were compared with the standard. And according to our measurements the Raw4x4 Nitro shocks came in at 70mm thick compared with the standard at 53mm thick. No wonder Raw assured us these things can take a beating
Inserting the rear spring
One of the reasons why it's always easier doing this kind of work in a workshop. A diff drop can be a challenge without the right equipment but a total breeze here. We dropped this low enough for an easy slot of the new springs.
Final rear shock going in
Tightening the Panhard rod
Always important putting an adjustable Panhard rod in with any suspension lift. On the wheel alignment, the left wheel was sitting 2inches further out the guard then the right! A quick and easy adjustment sorted that out
Front shocks
The front shocks were a breeze and went up in a few minutes
Torsion Bars
Last up was the torsion bars. This was the only part of the install that caused a few issues. Pulling the old ones off was taking some time and we were looking towards a front diff drop. With all that work involved, we decided to just cut them off with the angle grinder. A few trial and errors getting around a few annoying bolts on the cruiser the new ones eventually went in. We opted on setting the front of the truck at 15-20mm higher than the rear. They often drop some with driving and will readjust it in a couple week to get them even.
Ready for a test run
Out of the workshop the next day we did our wheel alignment and took it for a spin. 
Given the IFS suspension and the generally bad reputation by 4x4 purists, we were looking forward to seeing what flex we could get out of this truck with only a 40mm lift. We found the flex on this suspension was impressive and made all the angles we were after.
First look at the shocks at flex

Heading into the dunes at full speed we were thoroughly impressed with the comfort going through pot holes, ruts and jumps!

We found them to have the perfect balance of comfort while still giving a distinct reduction in body roll even with the 40mm lift. We found this setup to be significantly more comfortable on all aspects of driving than the standard setup.


Finishing up the trip with some sunset yoga now off to Hallertau for some brews