Raw4x4 factory tour and suspension test

Recently Mudstuck were invited to visit the Raw4x4 Suspension factory in New Castle, Australia. The plan was to tour their factory and take the new Mazda BT-50 out to the famous Stockton Beach sand dunes for a bit of testing and of course a whole heap of fun.


Raw 4x4 factory tour main photo

Board room delivers 

As we entered the Raw 4x4 premises we get shuffled into the board room to check out some of the range of shocks they have to offer. 


Raw4x4 springs

Spring Production 

Our tour started into the factory and we start to discover the size of their operation. This is just one of hundreds of pallets scattered around the factory with stock loaded up on it. This is a range of 2" lift coil springs for Toyota's.


Raw4x4 factory shock

 The Predator showcase

The predator shock is ideally used for those who may spend 50% of their time off road and the other 50% on road, here's the pre bush shock stage of production. 


Raw4x4 coils

Not just leaf springs 

There were rows and rows of leaf springs to suit a huge variety of vehicles. 


Raw4x4 factory manufacturing

 Production process nightmare??


The scale of the Raw 4x4 factory is mind blowing, made us think the person that undertakes the process of production is a share genius.


Mazda BT-50

Mazda BT50 @ the Stockton dunes

Once our tour ended within the factory we were greeted by this BT-50 ready to take us to the largest sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere. 


Mazda BT50 on Raw4x4 shocks

It Performed! 

It's good to be able to sell an amazing product like Raw 4x4 but to experience it on their own local testing area was an amazing experience. It had no body roll and held the traction as we blasted through those dunes.


Suspension flex Raw4x4

Nitro-Max Equipped

This Mazda BT50 had a modest 40mm lift in it all around. The beauty of the Nitro Max shocks are that they are perfect for offroad use, yet still have comfort on the road. 


Mazda BT50 side shot

Enjoying the views 

As our adventure with Raw 4x4 was coming to a close we had a moment to reflect on the surroundings we were in and were ready to travel back to New Zealand to expose what we experienced. 


Adventuring with Raw4x4 is now made possible in New Zealand with Mudstuck.


For more information on the brand visit their website