Manta Pro Exhaust Install & Test

We were searching far and wide for a 4x4 exhaust for our Landcruiser 100 that meets our requirements. We wanted something that actually "fits", is made of quality steel and isn't built in Asia. And so finally we finally came across Manta Exhaust systems.

Made in Australia with Australian steel. Manta has over 45 years of experience in exhaust manufacturing. They are the world leaders in exhausts.

They promised us this would be a quick fit and would be "drive in drive out" in under an hour. So we set the timer and went to work.

This exhaust is a four piece full stainless steel kit with all the bolts and flanges to install. A straight 3inch pipe with minimal bends which makes for cleaner flow especially from the turbo downpipe. The downpipes are in desperate need of an upgrade in these landcrusiers.

For this truck, we chose the kit with the muffler. This exhaust is the "quiet" version which is standard volume. And true to their word it sounded quite. So, later on, we swapped this out for the muffler delete to get that louder thud.

First up out goes the old exhaust. This took about 10 minutes to take off. We ended up getting stuck on a rusty bolt so took to angle grinding through the pipe. 

With no need to start with a particular pipe we grabbed the rear piece, and it slid nicely into the factory fittings.

Middle section going in.


Everything fit together perfectly. 


Final touches and we are finished.


From start to finish this exhaust took a casual 45minutes to install and everything fit perfectly. Which impressed us as we've heard so many disaster stories from other suppliers and custom work going wrong. Guess that's what you get with a brand like Manta who have been doing this for so long!

After doing this install, we've decided to partner with Manta and sell their complete range as they've finally moved across the ditch and set up in New Zealand. You can find their range on our site if you need anything custom or changes give us a call, and we'd be happy to help.


Hey do you have a exhaust system to fit a 1996 Isuzu mu 3.1td ?

Holden September 21, 2020

Hi do u have a full exhaust system for a 1992 Toyota surf ln130 2.4 td

Tom August 20, 2020

Do you do a complete turbo back exhaust for 2.4l ln130 hilux surf 1991

Travis July 30, 2020

send me price for full exhaust system too please 1992 toyota surf Ln130 2.4 diesel

Tom July 02, 2020

Do u have a downpipe for Ln130 year 1992

Tom July 02, 2020

Need a 3inch for a 78 series troopy
2008 model v8.

John Nicolson November 03, 2019

Hi Guys, do you have a exhaust system for hilux surf ln130 2.4 ltr engine? Year 1992 diesel auto.

Edward Oximas March 03, 2019

Would you have a exhaust for a 1991 Isuzu Mu 4JB1-T or a 1991 Holden Rodeo ?

David Hintz July 10, 2018

Looking to fit a 3” exhaust to my Isuzu D Max 2016 model. Can you guys supply this and what will be the cost?

Steve Rogal July 09, 2018

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